May 23, 2009

One of the Male Electro Djs in Thailand

DJ Plan B is the name of the well-known thai DJ, he always have gigs in the famous clubs in Bangkok every week such as Club Culture or Club Glow at Sukhumvit 33. His passion is definitely music, it’s all about his hobby and work which means most of his time goes with music and music.

He already has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is also an Electro music DJ same as him with the name of “DJ Magic Muffin” which we will tell you more about her in next post. If you want to have good time with Electro music with Thai DJs, DJ Plan B is one of the good choices, you can check him out with his profile either in myspace or facebook, in both pages of him will let you know where his gig is going to be at and most of the time or almost every time, he and his girlfriend will have gig together.

Know cool people, cool music and cool clubs is not hard at all if you know where to get information about it.

DJ Plan B

DJ Plan B

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