March 31, 2009

Canadian Man

Keith Van Wallegham is a 23 year-old man who was born in Canada. He’s Canadian with the handsome face comes along with the bad boy look. The catch-to-the-eye feature of him is his long face and of course he’s adorable with his bad boy look. It’s not a bad look, I don’t know how to explain. He looks like a bad boy but very super cute bad boy though.

If you check his photo, you will just like him because he looks fun and handsome at the same time, lol, just check it out.


March 27, 2009

Billy Ray is a hot model from California, Los Angeles. He’s now dating Crystal Trueheart, the model from Janice Dickinson Model Agency show, if you remember. She is Janice’s favorite model in the show. Billy Ray got a strong face with strong look. Also we can’t deny that he has a nice body as well.

He’s now promoting his own website, so you can come check it out to know more about him from it. But the first place you can find first of all is here in Billy Ray’s facebook.

Billy Ray

March 23, 2009

Hot model in Manila

Alexander McCaskill is a model who is now living in Manila, Phillippines. He is from London, England but I assume that McCaskill is now in Philippines because of his model work. Yes, he is a model which you can see right away from his look and also his photos. His look is a perfect look for Asia model world. In other word, all Asian girls love his look.

He’s no more single, because he has listed as in a relationship. We don’t know who is the lucky girl but seems like most of the hot model these days are taken, lol.


March 20, 2009

British Cutie

Rob Dunn is an English guy who has very cute look that most of the girls like. He has a skinny body and handsome face. Rob Dunn is in love with Brit-Rock music so that’s why he’s a Brit-rock music DJ as well. He sometimes has his own party which he can spin and play the music for all Brit-Rock music lovers.

He’s now no more single because he’s dating with a Thai girl. Rob is a cutie boy type, I’m pretty sure you will like his look with his own style because it’s so cute.