June 11, 2009

Saleisha Stower the winner of ANTM cycle 9

If you are a fan of America’s next top model, don’t forget to check out Saleisha Stower’s myspace page. She’s officially having a place where all her fans and supporters can be gathered together and talk with her. Saleisha is a winner of America’s next top model, cycle 9 and she’s now living in Los Angeles continuing her dreams being a top model.

”WINNER OF ANTM!! And I’m sorry if I don’t return your messages or comments And I really thank everybody for supporting me,so I will get back when I get a chance take care luv,Saleisha!!” that is her latest status right now thanking people in supporting her and you can be one of them adding her as your friend in your myspace page.

Saleisha rocks!!!!



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