June 6, 2009

Indy role model Bangkok

Pongsuan Note is the famous indy person who creates the fantastic event in Bangkok, one of the best nightlife cities, called “Dudesweet Party”. Pongsuan is known by many party-goers in Bangkok and becoming more and more popular as a role model for Indy people. We can prove his popularity by that there were some people uses his photo as the print on the T-shirts and sell them at the shopping center in Bangkok.

No, Pongsuan Note’s not a TV star but with his work, he’s always around them and knows many of them as well. Besides from being the party organizer, he also does other kind of art work like being a movie critic. He was interviewed by the famous thai magazines and has been named as the legendary Indy person in Thailand. I think that’s what make him famous even he’s not a tv star or singer.

Pongsuan Note

Pongsuan Note

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