May 16, 2009

Bianca Golden Model caught in the act

Another hot girl from America’s next top model, Bianca Golden, she was the 3rd runner up from America’s next top model, cycle 9 which the winner was Saleisha Stower. Bianca was one of the attractive contestants in the competition because of her strong appearance and her personality which is open and ready to say anything she wanted which led her to have fights with girls in the house sometimes but with her sincerely, they all end up being friends at the end.

Bianca is now living in New York being both model and a student at Lincoln University and also having myspace page for her fans same as other girls in ANTM. She continues her model careers and shows us that she can do better and better.

Bianca Golden

Her latest picture with her long hair shows us the new look which is totally different from what we saw before during the show, now she turns to be a sweet girl, another side of her which you can hardly see.

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