June 1, 2009

Maria Sharapova the angel in tennis court on Facebook

Maria Sharapova in facebook, one of the hot tennis players in the world is now here are you to learn and knows what’s going with her in facebook. Maria or whoever it is, keeps on updating the news of what she’s doing now or what she’s going to do in the future to keep her fans and supporters updated.

Her page is very popular and people come to give comments on her page all the time to show their supports to Maria and you can be one of them too, just having the facebook account and add her as a friend, lol. Stupid suggestion but I just want to introduce more interesting people in facebook for people to find out in case they are lazy.

Keep on getting friends and have fun with it, you will never regret to have many friends. It’s all about having fun and get updated by someone you really like, like Maria Sharapova. Her latest news is that she will make her single return to the tour in Warsaw, Poland:)

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova