May 27, 2009

Model and Actress – Mandy Amano

Mandy Amano is a model and actress. You can tell that she is not 100% Caucasian when you take a look at her face, she is half Japan half Irish. Mandy was on the advertisement of pepsi, Mac Book and more. She was also appeared in the movie like Crank 2: High Voltage as a yoga girl.

She is now living in Los Angeles continues her model and acting career. Now her turn in the Apple Computer Spotlight has come around once again, so don’t forget to check her out. She has more works coming to show you soon like her new iTunes commercial and more news, she is now Mcenstein girl of the month for June, so next month you will see her face more.

Sorry for guys also, since she’s now dating David Mack, an American comic book artist and writer. His notable work is Kabuki.

Mandy Amano

Mandy Amano

May 23, 2009

One of the Male Electro Djs in Thailand

DJ Plan B is the name of the well-known thai DJ, he always have gigs in the famous clubs in Bangkok every week such as Club Culture or Club Glow at Sukhumvit 33. His passion is definitely music, it’s all about his hobby and work which means most of his time goes with music and music.

He already has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is also an Electro music DJ same as him with the name of “DJ Magic Muffin” which we will tell you more about her in next post. If you want to have good time with Electro music with Thai DJs, DJ Plan B is one of the good choices, you can check him out with his profile either in myspace or facebook, in both pages of him will let you know where his gig is going to be at and most of the time or almost every time, he and his girlfriend will have gig together.

Know cool people, cool music and cool clubs is not hard at all if you know where to get information about it.

DJ Plan B

DJ Plan B

May 20, 2009

Crystal Trueheart rocks

Crystal Trueheart!!!! Her name can capture your attention by itself even you haven’t seen her face yet. Yes, it’s a name of the model that used to be in show of the supermodel like Janice Dickinson in Janice Dickinson Model Agency. She was with the show of Janice from season 1 until the end and got famous from that show. She’s now modeling and takes it as her profession. From the show, she was the favorite model in the house of Janice Dickinson with her nice behavior, personality and did job very professional.

Crystal Trueheart is now in USA, dating a guy named “Billy Ray” whose info was in one of the previous posts of us. If you were a fan of Janice Dickinson Model Agency show, you would want to keep supporting her in facebook as well.

Crystal Trueheart

May 16, 2009

Bianca Golden Model caught in the act

Another hot girl from America’s next top model, Bianca Golden, she was the 3rd runner up from America’s next top model, cycle 9 which the winner was Saleisha Stower. Bianca was one of the attractive contestants in the competition because of her strong appearance and her personality which is open and ready to say anything she wanted which led her to have fights with girls in the house sometimes but with her sincerely, they all end up being friends at the end.

Bianca is now living in New York being both model and a student at Lincoln University and also having myspace page for her fans same as other girls in ANTM. She continues her model careers and shows us that she can do better and better.

Bianca Golden

Her latest picture with her long hair shows us the new look which is totally different from what we saw before during the show, now she turns to be a sweet girl, another side of her which you can hardly see.